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Diet and general recommendations for patients with atopic dermatitis

Food allergy is one of the main reasons for atopic dermatitis appearance. This is especially true for children. Moreover, food allergens affect the elaboration of hypersensitivity to any other kind of allergens (pollen, domestic and etc.)

The recommendations for patients with atopic dermatitis are to avoid eating spicy food, white meat poultry, chocolate, eggs, alcohol, citruses. It is essential to exclude fizzy drinks entirely (champaign, beer, carbonated beverages) and smoking(including passive smoking).

During exacerbation period the patients with atopic dermatitis should avoid eating meat and fish soups, fried meat, fish and vegetables, strawberry, blackberry, mushrooms, melon, honey, pomegranates, all spices, smoked food, as well as products that contain preservatives and colorants. It is not allowed to consume deep fried, salty and spicy food.

Add vegetable oil, in reasonable amounts, to the existing diet (sunflower oil, olive oil, canola oil and etc.) - for example, as a seasoning for vegetable salads.

With the development of any phase of atopic dermatitis, the patients must contact the doctor in order to receive medical treatment with a specific diet and vitamins.

General recommendations for patients with atopic dermatitis

Apart from medical treatment of atopic dermatitis and strict diet, the patients should do all in their powers as to protect themselves from exposure to all possible allergens.

Therefore, patients with atopic dermatitis should follow these guidelines:

  • remove the carpets from the apartment
  • to give up on upholstered furniture (the furniture with smooth surface absorbs less dust)
  • stop smoking
  • keep the clothing, books and other things in closed cabinets without using naphthalene balls and strong scented substances
  • avoid growing home flowers
  • avoid from using perfumes and other strong scented substances, especially sprays
  • at the time of wall coverage selection, limit your choice to washable wallpaper or simple paints
  • choose synthetic or cotton curtains, and wash it not less than once in 3 months
  • in case of air conditioning presence in the apartment, wash the filters not less than once in 2 weeks
  • choose pillows and blankets with polyester or other synthetic filling (cotton filling is also possible)
  • conduct daily cleaning using wet sponge and vacuum cleaning not less than once a week